Thursday, 18 August 2011

"The Day I Met You First"

 "The Day I Met You First"

Remembering the day I met you first
Still lost in your aura
your eyes emitting sparkles of shimmer
face reflecting perfect innocence of a child
and words comforting the presence of an unknown

Deeply touched by your gentleness
your kindness connecting me with your inner soul
seems soothing my loneliness
arising a question within me
Can someone be so humble
so simple yet alone?

Our eyes met for the first time
releasing butterflies in my stomach
soon I realized you are a true charmer
and the one for whom i have been waiting for

Slowly and quickly, day was coming to an end
lost in the beauty of this serene day
wishing it to extend for some hours
shy and unable to share my wish
soon the day came to an end

Parting ways exactly the same place
as we had first met on this beautiful day
saying goodbye is was as hard as
saying hello to a complete stranger

Penning these memories down
tears rolling down my cheeks
sweet smile brightening my face
still surprised with my luck
lost completely in your aura,
"Yes, it was the day I met you first !!"

Written by:- Heena

Picture:Courtesy Google Images


  1. A lovely poem Heena with an intense feeling.The sudden meeting which became something more.

  2. Beautiful poem. So much emotion.

  3. What a lovely poem. Truly you have met your soul mate. Loved the way you expressed yourself in this poem.

  4. How could one be so sure that this is it...he/she's the one for me... is a complete mystery to me.

    I hope the day you met him, he met you too. It's a beautiful thing when reciprocated but if not, then let things be...something wonderful is awaiting you out there...

  5. Way to go dear...loved it..:)