Wednesday, 31 August 2011

"Ignite the Light of Humanity"

"Ignite the Light of Humanity"

Once, I heard a tale from my grandfather,
A tale where humanity persisted,
A tale where people stood for each others' despair,
It rekindled a ray of hope in me,
For a better place to call our world
A place full of humanity and love.

In today's technologically focused world,
With people busy in keeping pace with the changing scenario,
The light of humanity has faded away,
People don't have time for their own selves,
Or, rather have become so greedy,
To not even look at their surroundings.

So let's hold our hands and stand together,
Let us ignite the light of humanity,
Let us bring the old times back,
The time where we lived in peace and harmony!!

Written By:- Heena

Picture: - Courtesy Google Images

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  1. Beautiful words, beautiful place you speak of. Look forward to the day of holding hands and coming together in the name of Love. Thank you.